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I was going a bit of digging and realized that generation 4 games use the same origin game flags as generation 3, and the generation 4 game flags are handled gracefully when on Pokemon in generation 3. So, I tried putting the game origin of HeartGold on an Unown as I transfered it from Gold to Emerald, and then moved the emulated save onto a real cartridge. From there, I was able to transfer it through Pal Park, and the origin flag was maintained. At this point I was super hopeful and finished the transfer up to Home, and the flag was maintained the whole way!

An Unown from emulated Gold (not Virtual Console) brought up into Pokemon Home.

This means that I can maintain the proper region of origin for any Pokemon transferred through Lanette’s Poke Transporter!

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Hi! Just discovered this project a week ago, and have enjoyed reading over your process. One issue I want to bring up with using the HeartGold game origin is ribbon legality. In the example above the Unown imported to Emerald could have acquired generation III ribbons before moving up to later gens. Not sure if the Pokémon Company’s checks are good enough to catch that contradiction, but as the aim of this project is to keep the Pokémon as legitimate as possible this could be a problem. Admittedly, an end user could avoid this problem by not using the transferred generation II Pokémon until reaching generation IV. And this solution is still better than the previous method of Gameboy cartridge save injection into the 3DS virtual console, as now these Pokémon can at least acquire ribbons from generations IV and VI.

That is a good point and something I did not consider. I will likely set the origin game/region in a different way for Johto Pokemon then, thanks for that thought!

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