Strange Glitch Pokemon

While working on fixing up transfer into generation 3 games, I accidentally created some strange glitch Pokemon, like this one I call “Mark”. Doesn’t seem to do a whole lot. In the box, it doesn’t even have a sprite. I didn’t realize it was there until I was moving Pokemon around and happened to try and place a Deoxys onto it (don’t ask, needed filler so I have a bunch of Deoxys now).

Glitch Pokemon I like to call "Mark".  Has a glitched sprite of many of the gen 3 marks.
Glitch Pokemon I like to call “Mark”

Another oddity that I didn’t capture was what looked like a “normal” bad egg, but when the summary is opened, it would crash the game about 3/4 of the way through the egg animation. But it gets stranger. A few minutes later the game would restart to the title screen. I don’t know if that was a strange “feature” of the crash, or the emulator acting strange with it, but it was odd none the less.

Overall, these glitch Pokemon arose to due issues writing Pokemon into the PC and how the generation 3 games store Pokemon box data. I ended up abandoning placing Pokemon into boxes other than the first box, which works around this issue. Now, if the first box of the generation 3 game isn’t empty, the transfer will fail until it is emptied, similar to the Transfer Box for the normal Poke Transporter that goes into Pokemon Bank.

Now that I can transfer multiple Pokemon in at once without issue, the next two objectives are fixing the personality value for shininess and gender, as well as updating the Pokedex for Pokemon transferred in, which could also be an issue.

Seven Pokemon, freshly transferred from Pokemon Yellow
Seven Pokemon, freshly transferred from Pokemon Yellow

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