Lanette’s Poke Transporter – Bringing Favorite Retro Pokemon Forward!

What is Lanette’s Poke Transporter?

Lanette’s Poke Transporter serves to bring your favorite Pokemon from the original generation 1 and 2 games up to generation 3, where they can then be transferred all the way up to the modern games by official means. This means you can use your Pokemon from your original Red, Blue, or Yellow cartridges (or Gold, Silver, and Crystal) from the ’90s in a battle against your friends in the latest Pokemon games!

Lanette’s Poke Transporter will be a device that you can simply plug each game into, and it will pull an entire box of Pokemon forward at a time, doing all the hard work for you to make sure the new game knows what each Pokemon really is.

There of course will be some compromises made along the way, some features changed between those games, but it will do its best to make sure as much is intact as possible, as well as making sure that they are considered legitimate Pokemon by Bank and Home so they don’t get stuck once again when you try to move them the rest of the way forward.

The plan is to get the program working for emulators before working on real hardware, but the end goal is a physical device that you can simply plug two authentic cartridges into and just press a button, and all the transferring is done nearly instantly and automatically.

Some work has already been completed, but I will do my best to post updates on progress as time goes on. From past experience, I know I tend to forget to post these types of updates, but I will once again try my best to do so for those interested in keeping up.

Anyways, stay safe and have fun!

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